About Fibre Lash
Danni Minogue

Seeing really is believing with FIBRE LASH BRUSH ON FALSE LASHES, the ultimate in lash technology. In Seconds, FIBRE LASH extends & builds your own lashes to extreme lengths acting like instant lash extensions.

With FIBRE LASH's unique 3-phase system you can achieve show-stopping lengths in seconds:
Step 1. Apply one coat of the EXTENSION MASCARA to clean lashes from base to tip, ensuring every lash is coated. Step 2. Now apply one coat of ModelCo's brush-on LASH FIBERS Step 3. Wait a few seconds for the FIBRES to settle then finish off by applying another generous coating of black EXTENSION MASCARA, gently moving the brush from side to side with each stroke for maximum length and thickness. Step 4. For longer lash extensions, repeat STEP 2 and 3.

The Steps

No more glued fake lashes or spending hours in the salon, get voluptuous, clump-free lashes that are smudge & tear proof, and slide off easily with warm water - so no more panda eyes! The unique, tiny hair like nylon fibers give high-impact length, whilst Bees Wax and Carnauba Wax help keep lashes soft and nourished.

FIBRE LASH has been featured in countless magazines around the world. In 2010, FIBRE LASH was awards Australia's "MOST INNOVATIVE NEW PRODUCT IN MAKEUP" and in 2011, "TOP LASH SECRET" in the Harpers Bazaar UK Beauty Hot 100 Awards.