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Using ModelCo’s unique 3-phase system you can achieve show-stopping lengths in seconds:

Step 1. Apply one coat of the EXTENSION MASCARA to clean lashes from base to tip, ensuring every lash is coated.

Step 2. Now apply one coat of ModelCo’s brush-on LASH FIBERS.

Step 3. Wait a few seconds for the FIBRES to settle then finish off by applying another generous coating of black EXTENSION MASCARA, gently moving the brush from side to side with each stroke for maximum length and thickness.

Step 4 For longer lash extensions, repeat STEP 3 and 4.

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WOW! Review by Charlotte
I am one of those girls with short stubby eye lashes and I have spent about 10 years trying to sort them out. I've tried EVERY mascara on the market to try and get nice long thick lashes.. with no real result for the last 5 years I have been using individual lashes... such a pain!

This product is amazing!!! I will never ever use anything else. Even the mascara alone is fantastic and makes my lashes thick without being clumpy and long.

I did find it a little tricky at first but after a few goes I've mastered the art! I'll be using mine everyday!

The good thing is you can just use normal make up wipes at the end of a day and wipe it off.

It may look pricey but trust me from someone who spends £40+ a month on mascaras and fake lashes this is a godsend... sooooo so worth a go!
F.A.B Review by Jax
This really is as good as it gets!!! I could never master false eyelashes, and now i don't need to! It really is truly AMAZING. My eyelashes look great even after 1 coat and truly GLAM after 2 or 3 coats. I wouldn't be without it now x
LASH TASTIC Review by Glitterstar
This is great for ladies who love long lashes... You can easily build them up and make them look long and fluttery. Perfect for the lady who wants lashes that look long, done quick and easy and perfect for someone who hasn't got the time to apply fake lashes all the time.
Fantastic results! Review by Pearl
An overall great quality mascara to achieve that false lashes look! By applying one coat of mascara, followed by a coat of fibre, and lastly another coat of mascara, your achieved look is lengthened lashes that is clump-free! Following the steps for the second time helps you achieve even LONGER lashes, creating the false lashes look! I was very impressed with the results and I cannot fault the quality of the product. Although the price is expensive, the results definitely make up for this!
Does what it says! Review by Sally
Having tried dozens of different mascaras and had several failed attempts with false lashes this stuff is a godsend. It takes a little practise but it really does look like false lashes. It is a bit more pricey but still cheaper than lash extensions!
Good Alternative to False Lashes Review by Sam
I find false lashes tricky, thought this mascara was excellent for a similar effect.

First attempt was good, even my husband noticed. But I think more practice will give an even better effect. Don't expect perfection first time this needs practice. Not like lash extensions,which look more natural, but you couldn't really wear mascara with the ones I had, so this is definitely better and perfect for holidays and special occasions when you want that extra oomph!

Could become addicted to daily use!
WOW, WOW, WOW!! Review by Sarah
Adore this product. For someone with short lashes like myself this is a must have. My eyelashes are totally transformed to unbelievable luscious fluttery lashes!!

Application is easy,mascara brush is fantastic and it's all so easy. I couldn't wait to apply mine and it's better than a false lash look!!

I curl my lashes to the max and this whole step by step doesn't weigh them down. Even after 3 coats the curl is still held in place.

For occasions this is a miracle. Amazing confidence boost-makes eyes look amazing.
Definitely Worth It! Review by Mel
I have been having eyelash extensions done for the past 2 years now constantly, I dont really wear any make up most days, so it was a good natural looking way of enhancing my eyes without any fuss. I loved the look, but because I was having it done so often it began to come at at cost, as well as having to pay £45 for a full set and then £20 every couple of weeks to top up, my own natural eyelashes started to suffer too, and i noticed when I eventually gave them a break from extensions (which nearly killed me! lol) that they were very sparse and stubby. Completely understandable after the constant non stop application of extensions.
I missed my long lashes so much, and tried false glue on ones, but they just didn't work for me, too fiddly with the glue and stuff, and i needed to wear eyeliner to blend them in with my eye, so naturally the natural long lash look was gone.
I read about the Modelco Fibre lash in the newspaper and was very excited, but thought it might be a bit too good to be true. The price didn't really put me off (if it worked) cos i was used to spending that on extensions anyway. Bought it today and I have to say that in my opinion it is amazing. I didn't have any bother applying it at all, did 2 coats and the results were staggering. My lashes were definitely a lot longer more defined, and completely different to the way they look with a normal mascara, and i have tried a few of those too. Im delighted with it and will definitely buy it again. I would urge anyone tempted to definitely give it a go.
Far Cheaper Than Falsies! Review by Charlie
Amazing! Lashes are more defined, voluminous and longer than you can make them with any mascara. It really does create the look of falsies.
I like the effect of false lashes but hate the damage the glue can cause.

I am really impressed by this product as you get dramatic flawless results and its also good for your lashes, due of the bees wax.

I also love that its contact lens friendly, even having sensitive eyes I've never had a problem with it. I strongly recommend this to anyone!

I don't believe any mascara can compare and with 40 applications in a bottle its far cheaper than false lashes.
Would Recommend to Anyone! Review by Steph
I was sick of the adverts saying fantastic things about mascaras and pictures with really long eyelashes only to read in the small print that they were "enhanced post production". That's no good to me! At last this mascara proved to be just what it says, it takes a bit of practice but you get brilliant results, with long, thick eyelashes that look like false eyelashes. Would recommend it.

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